Naturefine is your premium CBD outfit built with the sole purpose of bringing you the finest products that the world or CBD has to offer.

Our comprehensive range of curative and restorative CBD offerings can be classified into four distinct categories - creams, tinctures, roll-ons and sprays.

Below are detailed explanations on each individual category along with the unique curative properties afforded by all.


There have been more than enough significant studies conducted that proves, indeed, that CBD can in fact provide relief for pain and inflammation. What Naturefine creams do is help you tap into this potential through a highly comprehensive formula that combines optimized CBD (in nano form) along with organic compounds that maximizes this function even further. Now while all CBD infused cream are capable of pain relief, their efficiency and effectiveness depends on the exact formula, which include variables such as source, quality, and dosage. And this is where the Naturefine CBD creams stand out.

Thanks to a host of certified experts and a state-of-the-art GMP certified facility, we are able to formulate some of the most natural, and most effective CBD creams out there in the market today.


CBD tinctures are, without a doubt, one of the very best form through which you can maximize the efficacy of your CBD consumption. This method of CBD consumption maximizes both extraction and delivery, ensuring that all the good stuff travels straight into the bloodstream through capillaries in the cheeks, gums, and under the tongue.

That, along with the Nano CBD form employed in all Naturefine tinctures, also ensures that further delivery is carried out through the digestive system until all available CBD are absorbed and utilized.


Among the large array of CBD infused products on the market, CBD roll ons are definitely one of the most fascinating, and most popular - for good reasons too. They are not only quite potent at reducing pain and inflammation, they also help with muscle soreness and relaxation thanks to their delivery method.

Because you literally "roll" them on to the affected body parts and surfaces, CBD roll ons have the ability to perform super targeted actions on body parts, as well as provide a much-needed touch and massage action on affected areas and surfaces.


Naturefine oral spray utilizes the same technology as our other products, with the major difference being the delivery mechanism itself, and variations in formulation.

Naturefine sprays are designed to be compact and comfortable, making them perfect "on-the-go" options for those who are constantly in need of relief even while on the road. Naturefine oral spray is available in a cool mint version, which also makes it perfect for use as a breath freshener.

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